Fruit Tingle Cake 600g

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Our Fruit Tingle cake is perfect for all occasions, from the person who has never baked a cake before to the absolute professional cake decorator. This cake mix is not like shop cake mixes. These are home made and therefore the finished cake tastes professionally home made from your kitchen, so be prepared for lots of requests for a recipe!

  • This cake mix makes 1 x 8" (20 cm) Wide by 3" (7.5 cm) Tall cake or approximately 30 standard sized cupcakes.
  • This Cake Serves 16-20 guests
  • It can be layered into 3 x 1 inch Slices to fill with your choice of filling which makes it even taller and provides more serves for your guests.
  • This is a very moist cake that rises to twice its height when baked.
  • You only need eggs and water to add to this cake mix.
  • It is best to use with a hand mixer or stand mixer to make up this cake mix.
  • This cake mix can be covered with either buttercream or ganache and fondant.
  • This cake takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to cook in the lowest shelf of your oven at a temperature of between 150 - 170 degrees Celsius.

Ingredients: Wheat flour,Sugar, Vegetable fat (vegetable oil, emulsifiers , Whipping agent , glucose, milk solids), Milk solids, Raising agents , Thickener , Dextrose, Mineral salt, Salt, Vegetable gum, Flavours and Colours.